200310 - TLK Przemyślanin, set of 2 coaches

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Set of 2 2nd class coaches for TLK Przemyślanin train (Przemyśl Główny - Świnoujście). The set includes the following wagons:

  1. coach 111As, 2nd class, Przemyśl station, B10ou 50 51 20-08 316-5 with grooved roof
  2. coach 111Ag, 2nd class, Przemyśl station, B10o 50 51 20-00 074-8


This set is characterized by detailed workmanship, including:

  • rubber rollers for connections between coaches (connection with so-called short couplers eliminates the gap between coaches)
  • luggage racks in each compartment
  • mapped seats for a given type of coach
  • doormat before entering the corridor
  • windows in the inner doors of the carriage and entrances to the compartments
  • class number on the glass in the entrance door to the corridor
  • 5 types of axle boxes in bogies
  • cables in trolleys
  • heating/power cable on the front wall of the wagon
  • short hoses mounted on the wagon headstock (long hoses for self-assembly)
  • precisely reproduced chassis
  • full device markings on the coach chassis, bogies and bumpers
  • the coach is adapted to install lighting, has current collectors in the bogies and soldered wires led to the center of the model

Data sheet

Klasa wagonu
2, 2
Typ wagonu
111As, 111Ag
Data rewizji
Numer boczny
B10ou 50 51 20-08 316-5, B10o 50 51 20-00 074-8
PKP Intercity
Rok produkcji modelu
Numer katalogowy

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