200081-1- TOKAJ EXPRESSZ, set of 4 coaches with interior lighting

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A set of 4 wagons type 130A and 131A in the painting of the Hungarian carrier MAV, model with interior lighting.
The set includes the following wagons:
  1. coach 1 class type 131A
  2. coach 2 class type 130A 
  3. coach 2 class type 130A
  4. coach 2 class type 130A

A total of 293 coaches (n. 80 of 1 class and n. 213 of 2 class)  were delivered to MAV by Zakłady Cegielski in Poznań between 1979 and 1980  and were used in the Tokaj Express and many other important Express trains connecting Budapest to the main cities of Hungary.  

These numbers made the Polish Y cars the single largest passenger coaches family released to MAV and for three decades an easy spot in the Hungarian railways. 

The coaches have the decorations of ep. IV in the early '80s with their distinctive light grey roof and white inscriptions, suitable to a proper setting till the middle of the '90s.  "Nice old times" could think somebody!  

Compared to the Polish versions of the Y-type coaches, the models differ slightly in the arrangement of the selective switching boxes on the chassis and the shape of the battery box. 

The set includes additional elements made of etched metal plate. These are direction boards and switches for self-assembly under the edge of the car body. 

Tokaj Exp train models are made with attention to detail both inside and out. In first class we have 6 seats per compartment with painted headrests and tables by the windows. In the second-class model, we have 8 seats per compartment, with different interior colors. 

In each compartment, we can find shelves for luggage and a precisely marked wall with entrance doors to individual compartments. In addition, the set includes a bag with long hoses that can be mounted on the headstock of each wagon. 



Data sheet

Klasa wagonu
1, 2, 2, 2
Typ wagonu
130A, 131A, 131A, 131A
Numer boczny
50 55 19-37 022-1; 50 55 20-37 058-4; 50 55 20-37 055-0; 50 55 80-37 041-8
Rok produkcji modelu
Numer katalogowy

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